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In Couperins hode, skulder, kne og tå ( titled from a chrildrens song - head, shoulder, knee and toe ) I set out to create a performance proving the synaesthetic possibilities through conditioning, Pavlovs dogs did not starve in vain. In collaboration with videoartist Ellen Røed, cembalist Hans Knut Sveen and flutist Frode Thorsen, we made a process where heavily arranged music from Francois Couperin was recorded live i layers, each layer also represented graphically through live video processing. In this way we introduced each element in the piece carefully, mounting the piece live so to speak, after this we dismounted the soundparts and left the video elements to fend for themselves. At this point the audience had seen and heard, parts or all of it 26 times resulting in a tight connection between the sound and the visuals. Several reported being able to "hear" the sound while watching the video only.