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Brøndals Præpositioner

This is a piece for sinfonietta, on the recording you can hear Bit20ensemble performing it at the Borealisfestival in Bergen, 2008.

Viggo Brøndal was a danish linguist who at some point tried to categorize prepositions as being without tense. He discribes in his book Præpositionernes Teori how he gradually came to realize that there were actuall degrees of "insideness", that after and afterwards, and so forth, were different tense of the same preposition. An inspiring thought that I brought with me into the work with this piece. As to how this relates to sound, that is for the listener to decide, but the title stuck and I still like the piece. It´s approximately 23 minutes long so I cut out some pieces that serve as a taste.

Brøndahls Præpositioner (beginning)

Brøndals Præpositioner (middle)

Brøndals Præpositioner (ending)

     The work recieved a favorable mention in The Wire