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On Rythm

On Rythm is a project in which a machine composes patterns utilizing the growth and melting of ice-roses as its material.

The work fluctuates in the dialectic between control and indeterminacy. In this space my will is constrained by a process, and the process is at the same time guided by my will. This dialectic creates a situation where the spectator is active in the sense that he or she, creates simple connections, patterns or vast worlds of association which all together form the work.

The work is a compositionproject. Not in the sense that a painting is also a composition, rather as musical composition. Something timebased, as if carved out of a silence. However much of the time, out of control, moving forward in explosive leaps or building too slow for the eye to detect. 

I do not meddle on a detailed level. Although having, built the machine, made the software and balanced the process my role is that of a facilitator for the compositorial process. The work is suspended in this dialectic, between my forcefull will and the process. I can tell it when to start but not what to do. I can tell it where to go but not which way to take. I find this fruitfull, the resistance that lies in handling something unstable.

Pictures from the Trondheim biennale Metamorf exhibition: