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Lyrical Pieces

The records show that the field of contemporary music is populated by some very fine composers and performers that deserve to be listened to.

Ida Habbestad, Aftenposten 29.01.2014

... the piano versions are like little gems.

It is as if Blom raises Griegs pieces up vertically, and puts them in a room where they appear as objects - hesitant, unfinished objects open to the chisel, like a sculptor in his studio.

Emil Bernhard, Morgenbladet, 7.3.2014  

al Khowarizmis Mekaniske Orkester

The strength in Bloms work lies in how he demands attention and engages his audience. The work is magnificent to watch, it could have been a visual artpiece. But, it is created by a composer and the care for sound is great ... 

...Blom has asked intelligent questions in order to make the work spark our curiosity the way it does.

Magnus Andersson, Morgenbladet 25. Mars - 2011

Norwegian artist Christian Blom’s al Khowarzimi’s mechanical orchestra is a feat of electrical engineering...

New Scientist 09.02.2012 http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/culturelab/2012/02/strobe-lights-and-face-stealing-robots-at-kinetica-art-fair.html

Brøndals Præpositioner

Borealis gives coverage of a significant number of works by contemporary Norwegians. I particularly liked a vigorous composition by Christian Blom played by BIT20 Ensemble ...

The Wire, 5 - 2008

Couperins hode skulder kne og tå

...again I think I need to use the word beautiful.

Magnus Andersson, Morgenbladet nr. 11 - 2007

 Julius Spade

after a while I start to really appreciate Julius Spade as it steps towards me. This, at first, slightly grey matter starts to shine and speak to me - a depth!

Rune Rebne 2006, The Norwegian Composers Societys Seminar on Music «Music and Meaning»



Gudbrand is an advanced mapping of formalized compositional principals. As an automated musician with aesthetic overview Gudbrand is the most interesting musical contribution during the Music Technology Days at the University of Oslo 2005.

Jøran Rudi 2005, artistic director of NOTAM (Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and Art)